Little Armenian girl Ziazan’s uncle makes his living on shuttle trade between Armenia and Turkey. Because of the closed border between two countries, every time he goes on a 36 hours route over Georgia. Each time he returns, he brings Ziazan little gifts. Her favorite is the chocolate cream in a tube and it also attracts the attention of kids from the neighborhood.

Because of her love for the chocolate cream and to impress her friends, Ziazan makes a plan to go on an adventure. She will sneak in her uncle’s suitcase, go to Turkey, buy tons of the chocolate cream and bring some back to the kids. Will she be able to go over the closed borders between two countries and realize her adventure?

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Derya Durmaz: Director, Manager, Producer, Writer

Derya Durmaz has a BA in Economy, an LLM in Human Rights Law and has received Acting training at the Studio Players acting studio in Istanbul.

She received ‘Best Project Award’ from the “Armenia Turkey Cinema Platform” and ‘Production Support Award’ from the Turkish Ministry of Culture with her first short film “Ziazan” which she wrote and directed. She also completed writing her first feature film script “Earth Angels”, which previously received ‘Script Development Support’ from the Turkish Ministry of Culture. Currently she is in the project development phase of her second short film “Mother Virgin No More”.

As an actress she took part in 10 feature films which participated in International festivals – such as the “Blue Wave” which competes in Generations section of the 64th Berlinale Film Festival – and many TV productions. She also works with the Persona Theater Company from Athens and took part in their two international productions which were staged in Greece, Turkey and Iran.

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