A female development aid worker comes to Afghanistan to build a well but she is treated with reserve and the well is sabotaged repeatedly. In a dramatic showdown she finds out who really is in charge of the attacks – only now she realizes that her western notion of doing-good is evaluated totally different in another culture.

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Director: Julia Finkernagel

Julia Finkernagel has a degree in communication design (Academy of Visual Arts Frankfurt) and completed a successful management career at Frankfurt International Airport. After years in an air-conditioned office she put up a sabbatical and backpacked around the world. Resulting from private travel reports she completed an internship at MDR Television (Central German Broadcasting Channel) and decided to stay. Over the past seven years she established herself as a writer and presenter at the channel and features her own travel reportage called OSTWAERTS (Eastbound).

Julia wrote the screenplay WISHING WELL in the course of a post-graduate qualification programme for filmmakers. The short fiction was shot in Andalusia/Spain and is her director’s debut in the domain of feature films.

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