Deepa Acharya lives with her young son in the remote region of Ilam. One year after entering an arranged marriage, her husband died from a snake bite and she has been battling to overcome the stigma of being a single woman ever since. It is frowned upon for widows to wear the color red and considered bad luck for them to participate in special occasions, such as weddings, coming-of-age ceremonies and religious festivals. Remarrying is practically out of the question unless the widow is still a young teenager. Instead of succumbing to the pressure of staying silent, Deepa took her in-laws to court for property rights and created the first single women’s rights group in her village. She is now the President of her district committee, working tirelessly to advocate on behalf of widows in Ilam.

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About the Director and Producer:

A graduate of Barnard College, Monet Eliastam wants to bring the stories of the world to the screen through thoughtful and innovative projects. Her latest documentary, What We See, examines how societies in South Africa and Nepal react to female sexuality.

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