Ibn Benoot – Virgin Male – is a black comedy set in a world in which women are dominant over men and controls his destiny and choices.   This film shows a family in which the mother controls the father and the son (Adam), discriminate in treating him compared to his sisters, wants to forbid him from finishing school, from playing, all of this because he is a male, in a feminine society.   Moreover, Adam also faces sexual harassments from women in the street. His Mother forces him to marry against his will, then his fiancée oblige him to stop working after their marriage.   Treating the opposite with opposite theory is mainly used in this film to spotlight women problems and rights in the Arab streets.

Directed by Mina Magdy

Written by Mero Boctor

Mina Magdy is an Egyptian director and producer who graduated with a degree in Mass Communications at Misr University for Science and Technology in 2012. He has worked on various projects, including directing three short documentary films, a  Sufi music video, and multiple live concerts. Currently, Magdy is preparing for his first feature-length film.

Screening Block A, Friday at 7 PM

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