(2016)(US/Nicaragua) – Student Documentary (Grad – Stanford University)

Screening Block G, Sat 4/22

In Nicaragua, the powerful first lady has unveiled a unique species of giant metal trees that she calls “Trees of Life”. After adopting them as the new symbol of the second stage of the Sandinista revolution, no monument, tree or person will remain the same.

Directed and written by Leonor Zuniga Gutierrez

Leonor is a sociologist with a B.A from the Universidad Centroamericana in Nicaragua and a graduate of the Global Competitiveness Leadership Program at Georgetown University.  For ten years she worked as a researcher in various think tanks where she specialized in issues related to immigration, the media and an issue close to her heart–youth and political culture.  In 2010, she started her own production company with the objective of promoting social changes through effective communication strategies, in particular the production of documentaries.  Leonor is also a social activist in Nicaragua.  She participated in TedxManagua in 2013.  She considers herself to be a socio-docu-activist.

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