(2016) (US)

Screening Block C, Thurs 4/20 @ 9PM

Quincy and her friends are in the middle of a game they created to spark excitement in a dull suburb. To what lengths will Quincy go to “win” the game?


Directed and written by Andrew Lee

“An Atlanta filmmaker with roots in NY/NJ, Andrew Lee (Writer/Director) draws most of his palette from animated films. His biggest inspirations are legendary directors such as Hayao Miyazaki, Mamoru Hosoda, and Satoshi Kon. He hopes to one day find the perfect balance in between an animated film and a live-action one, in order to blend the two mediums together.

Joey Kopanski (Director of Photography) is a local cinematographer residing in Atlanta, GA. He recently graduated from Georgia State University where he received a BFA in Film/video with a minor in English. Prior to moving into the city, Joey was raised in Woodstock, GA where he found his passion for filmmaking early on, making short films with his friends by the pool and in his basement. In addition to his film career, Joey has taken up still photography with special interest in Polaroid and documentary photography. On his days off you can find him cruising down the Atlanta Beltline on his bicycle or spending time with his family.

Emerson Stewart (Producer) moved to Atlanta in 2012 to study Film and Risk Management at Georgia State University. Since then, Emerson has produced a number of independent productions ranging from short narratives to music videos. In 2014, Emerson produced his first independent feature. Emerson has an intense dedication to his work, and as a result, he has never been accused of having fun. His joy comes entirely from collaborating with friends to produce quality films. He plans to continue working in the Atlanta film industry.

Andrew Schwab (Producer) is a Director, Producer, & Editor based out of Atlanta. Since 2006, Andrew has worked on hundreds of projects including those for Bravo, HGTV, AMC, TLC, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, The Walking Dead, Discovery, and FOX. When he’s not working he enjoys hiking with friends and short walks on the beach.”


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