Student Narrative (Undergrad – Florida State)

Screening Block C, Thurs 4/20 @ 9PM

She’s loved reading and writing her whole life, poetry specifically. It’s her best friend and escape. Especially when it’s just Nikki and her father, after her mom leaves. While he’s buried in a bottle, grieving, Nikki keeps herself company and decides to write a poem for an upcoming open mic night. When her father offers to help her prepare, what starts as a promising father/daughter project turns into something that could tear them apart.


Writer and director Andrea Branch

Andrea creeps into your room and looks for the juiciest secrets you have. No stone goes unturned in her dramatic world. That probably explains why Martin Scorsese and Darren Aronofsky have been big influences to her. Also having a love for poetry, Andrea takes those secrets and poetically embeds themes that brings beauty to them. Once she cleaned out her hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas Andrea took to Florida State’s College of Motion Picture Arts where she continued her mission to expand her collection and use film as her venue of interpretation. Andrea currently lives in LA where she works to write and produce the secrets she’s collected so far.

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