Set in 1915 rural China, The Red House is the story of a 25 year old prostitute, Fangfang, and her struggle to save enough of her earnings to buy back her contract and her freedom. The sudden arrival of a 6 year old child, Amei, being sold to the Red House by her desperate parents soon changes things. The brothel’s madam, Mama Yan, puts Fangfang in charge of Amei’s training, including the painful ritual of binding her feet to keep them small. Fangfang, who became a prostitute in very much the same way, soon realizes she cannot let it continue, and decides to use her savings to buy Amei’s contract and her freedom – something she will now never have.

Jiaqi Lin: Director,Writer

Jiaqi Lin was born Quanzhou, China, in 1989. She studied violin as a child, became very proficient at it and thought that she might continue to study the instrument in college. However, she chose to study animation when she enrolled at the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts. Jiaqi had always had a fascination and a love for films, and her studies in animation only deepened this passion. In her sophomore year she decided to get her Master’s Degree in filmmaking. She applied to the Master’s Degree Program at the New York Film Academy and was accepted. In 2012, Jiaqi moved to Los Angeles, California and began her studies at NYFA. She made two short films during her first year at the Academy, “Daffodils” and “Killing Slashers,” and put the experience of writing and directing those first two projects to good use in the following year.

In 2013, Jiaqi started to develop the storyline for a short film that would ultimately become her MFA Thesis project. She pulled from her cultural experience and family history to write the script for “The Red House.” Her energy and passion helped her to bring together an amazing team of professionals who worked hard with her to bring this wonderful film to life.

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