Eddie, a young Chinese-American boy, wants nothing more than for his mother to attend his school’s talent show and watch him perform “the flip,” a fancy cooking technique that he’s trying to learn just for her. But when tragedy strikes, Eddie ends up using it for a different purpose, perhaps a more deserving purpose.

Written and Directed by: Chung Fan Lam

Since coming to N.Y.U, through the help and support of friends, he has made a few noteworthy works, one of which, BLESS YOU, went to the International Grand Finale of Campus Movie Fest 2011 and another, SWEETLY BROKEN, was accepted to a handful of prestigious film festivals, including the Cannes Short Film Corner 2012, the Seattle International Film Festival 2013, and the New Hope Film Festival, where it won the Jury Prize for Best Student Film. Chung hopes to continue telling stories and to connect with people that he has things in common with.

Screening Block E, Saturday at 6 PM

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