A collaboration between dancer Vrinda Sheth and filmmaker Rasa Acharya, this short dance film explores the dancer’s reaction to her imagined/real critics. The film questions a performer’s public versus private persona, as well as conventions of costume and dress. It features original choreography in the South Asian dance style Bharata Natyam set to the upbeat yet poignant hip-hop song ‘Shedding Skin’ by M.C. Yogi. Expressed through a dancer’s medium, the film reaches into the heart of every artist – every personal endeavor – and finds resolution, if only for a moment.


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About the Director and Producer:

Rasa Acharya Partin began his career in documentary film, from illegal street racing to training films for the US DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND Security and much in-between. Narrative cinematography emerged as his true passion after an opportunity to work in South Africa as 2nd AC on VEHICLE 19, starring Paul Walker. He earned a BA in Film Production at Brooklyn College and is continuing his education at AFI as a cinematography fellow. He is also co-owner of music video production company Little Sky Film (SAY ANYTHING, WE CAME AS ROMANS, ALL THAT REMAINS) and works as a freelance cinematographer in New York City and Los Angeles, recently finishing his first feature, UNCAGED.

Previous clients include The History Channel, The US DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND Security, HGTV, The Boston Globe, Equal Vision Records, Starworks Group, North of New York, Rise Records, Razor & Tie, Mantralogy, Picture Tree and Nickelodeon.

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