(2016) (Canada)

Screening in Block E, Late Night, Fri 4/21 @ 10:30PM

We find a young woman alone in bed on a Saturday evening. She is enthralled in a crime documentary when she decides she has a hunger that must be satisfied. She makes herself look her best and embarks on an evening to find what she has been craving. Will she find it at busy bar or at a romantic dinner for two? One simple transaction and this night is on! They go back to her house. Things get hot and steamy in the kitchen, she moves the action into the bedroom and gets what she has been wanting all night long.

Directed and written by Bridget Frank

Saturday Night is the directorial debut for Bridget who is best known for her acting as the lead role as Ana in STINK, the web-series. She was born and raised in small town Ontario, currently living in Toronto, working in post production while also actively pursuing her own artistic endeavours

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