Student Narrative (Undergrad, York University)

Screening in our WAMM Late Night block – Fr 4/21 @ 10:30PM!

An agoraphobic woman, Penny, is forced to face her crippling anxiety when her narrating cat, Salmonella, runs away in the hopes of getting Penny outside.


Directed by Michèle DesLauriers (WAMM 2016 filmmaker), Written by Michèle DesLauriers, Connor Savage

Michèle DesLauriers is a filmmaker originally from Ottawa,Canada. She has had an active career in Quebec and Ontario as a dance teacher, stage performer and filmmaker. Michèle has received professional training from The Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts in Toronto, Concordia University and York University. She loves peanut butter and is an advocate for human rights.

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