(2015)(United States)

In this sassy fractured fairy tale, Rapunzel, a princess with a penchant for numbers, a razor sharp wit, and a “super power” to control the growth of her hair, concocts a story about an evil step mother, locks herself away in a tower, and derives an equation that allows her to grow her hair at the same rate the Prince climbs.

While the Prince is busy struggling with her ever-lengthening locks, Rapunzel proceeds to make great contributions to the field of math and eventually stumbles across one of the greatest mathematical discoveries of all time (with some surprising help from the Prince along the way) .

Directed by Seth Podowitz

Written by Katie May

SETH PODOWITZ (Director / Producer / Music & Sound) has worked in the entertainment industry for the last fifteen years as a director, producer and film & TV composer (among other various jobs) working with clients including Starz, Film Roman, Cartoon Network, EA, and many others. He is currently living in Shanghai, China working on Shanghai Disneyland.

KATIE MAY (Writer / Producer) is a playwright. Her plays include Abominable (The Lark Playwrights Week, 2015) Manic Pixie Dream Girl (fringeNYC & A.C.T. Costume Shop) Black Sheep Gospel (Great Plains Theater Conference), A History of Freaks (Finalist, David Mark Cohen Award in Playwriting), among others. May is the recipient of fellowships from the Virginia Piper Writing Center and the National University of Singapore, a grant from the Women in Film Foundation, and an E-merging Writers Award from San Francisco Playground where she is member of the playwright pool and former playwright in residence. May holds an MFA in Playwriting from Arizona State University.

Screening Block C, Saturday at 10 AM

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