In 2029 the Spaniards don´t know what to do with their death relatives. Burying them is very expensive. Incineration has been forbidden due to environmental reasons. A new law forbids transporting them from cities to rural cemeteries.  Nati and Tomás´s daugther is dying..

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Director, Writer: Clara Bilbao

Clara Bilbao launches into his first short address after winning experience for more than 15 years working on numerous feature films and short films.

As Costume Designer for Film, Television and Theatre, has won awards such as the Goya for Best Costume Design for ‘Blackthorn’ (2011, Mateo Gil) or Roel Best Costume Design at the International Festival of Medina del Campo for ‘Efímera’ (2012, Diego Modino).

With the newly released ‘Mindscape’ (2012, Jorge Dorado), his latest foray into the film as costume designer, decides to launch its first production in short format, writing and directing ‘Corpses spaces to Throw Rubbish’, with a grant from the Basque Country

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