(2016) (United States)

Student Animation (Undergrad, Rhode Island School of Design)

“Open the window so the air can circulate. Keep the letters if you see my name on them, otherwise they are just ads and you can recycle them. There’s stuff in the fridge, but I will bring something back. And don’t forget to lock the door. I should be home soon sweetie.” With a sketchbook in hand, a young girl copes with her longings and loneliness through imagination.“

Official Website

Directed and written by Joanna Lin

Joanne is a freelance animator/ fabricator based in Alhambra, CA. Born in U.S but raised in Taipei, Taiwan, she bases most of her animations on her childhood memories. Her stories often involve themes of nostalgia, love, cats, a sense of belonging, and family narratives. She considers memories and imagination the most powerful story-telling tools, and enjoys using a combination of both traditional and digital media to create worlds in which her characters come to life.

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