When Nayan has some bad luck he thinks things couldn’t get worse, until he finds a mysterious glass eye. Nayan soon discovers that it holds some dangerous powers: the wielder receives the gift of Evil Eye. Now Nayan can curse anyone he sets his eye on.

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Shaleen Sangha: Director, Producer, Writer

Shaleen Sangha was born in England and moved to Canada when she was nine years old. This is when she began writing and directing, staging a play in front of her grade four class using her classmates as actors. She has continued to have this kind of passion and dedication to storytelling throughout her life. For example, she started a storytelling group in grade 6, a drama club in grade 7, a video yearbook club in high school, and produced a plethora of short films and stories in-between. More recently, while studying film at college, Shaleen wrote her award-winning screenplay for the short film “Sohni Sapna (Beautiful Dream)”. The screenplay caught the attention of “Bollywood/Hollywood” co-star Jazz Mann who jumped on board to produce and brought with him Academy Award winning composer Mychael Danna (“Moneyball”, “Life of Pi”) to do the score. “Sohni Sapna (Beautiful Dream)” screened worldwide at festivals such as Short Shorts International (Japan and Mexico), Reelworld Film Festival (Toronto) and many more. The film is now distributed by OUAT Media and is available on Air Canada flights and Movieola in Canada. Since then, Shaleen has been using her skills working in Television Development as Director of Development at DHX Media and continues to write and produce short films. Shaleen recently received an Ontario Arts Council grant to make a five minute short based on her script “Nayan and the Evil Eye” and the film has been completed in May 2014. Although she misses drama club she looks forward to what the future holds.

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