Naleena is a transgender person from India, otherwise known as a HIjra. According to Indian culture, transgender people are considered to be neither male nor female; these people undergo a ritual emasculation ceremony as an offering to the Goddess Kali. These ceremonies are carried out clandestinely and without anesthetic by a midwife, or Thaaiamma. Hirjas live as outcasts from society, many forced into prostitution to survive. The film follows Naleena’s life as an outcast Hijra.

Written and Directed by Luigi Storto

Luigi Sorto is a London-based photographer and director. He studied the History of Cinema in university, as well as courses in photojournalism and portrait and commercial photography at Graffiti – Scuola Permanente di Fotografia, Out Side School, IED and Officine Fotografiche. Sorto has travelled throughout Eastern Europe and South Asia to cover social and environmental issues.

Screening Block B, Friday at 9:30 PM

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