(2016) (United States) Documentary

Screening Block C, Thurs 4/20@ 9PM

Surrogacy brings the gift of life to those unable to create it on their own. It is an odyssey of extreme highs and lows, undertaken selflessly for what can often be a complete stranger.

Jazmin’s journey with Jon & Stein has been far from perfect. After a miscarriage on their first try, the couple almost gave up. But with their last remaining eggs, they gave it one more chance, hoping to finally realize their dream of being a family. This is their story.

Directed by Cody Autterson & Andrew Schneider, written by Cody Autterson & Andrew Schneider

Cody Autterson was born in Denver,CO and is one of six siblings. He studied film and business at the University of Southern California. Originally a Florida native, Andrew Schneider is one of four siblings. He also studied film at the University of Southern California. In 2015, Andrew & Cody formed Porch House Pictures where they have created films ranging from surrogate mothers to classic automobiles. Their film, A Day In: Los Angeles won grand prize at NewFilmmakersLA.

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