KERS is the tale of a hidden passion. Due to the negative connotations associated with street art, graffiti artists find it challenging to communicate their art form in public. In this documentary, Catherine has the added difficulty of being female in a man’s world, as even members of her own art community look down upon her because of her gender.

About the Director, Cinematographer, and Composer: Alexia Salingaros

I’m not too sure how it happened but I fell in love with making little stop-motion videos with my Lego’s when I was eight. Now, at the age of 16, I’ve put aside the Lego’s and have moved on to more advanced stop-motion and live action projects. I love every genre from documentaries to human animation to powerful narratives; and I try to make each of my films more personal by writing my own scores. I love nothing better than spending my free time shooting and editing

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