(2016)(US/Laos) – Student Documentary (Undergrad Chapman University)

Screening Block H Grand Finale, Sat 4/21

For generations, Laos was known as the Land of a Million Elephants. Today, there are around 400 elephants left in Laos. If the Laotian elephants become extinct, not only does it mean a loss of one of the largest mammals on earth but also the loss for Laotian history and culture. This documentary explores how the growing Chinese market, deforestation, and tourism all play a cyclical role in the imminent extinction of elephants.

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Co-Directors Director Ceylan Carhoglu, Nicole-Jordan Webber

Writer Ceylan Carhoglu

Ceylan Carhoglu graduated from Koç High School in Istanbul, Turkey and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career in filmmaking. Ceylan recently graduated from Chapman University with a degree in film production.

In 2014 she produced and directed a short documentary called “Phyllis” about an extraordinary 91-year-old woman who refuses to let her old age define how she lives her life and other pieces like “The Happiest Place on Earth”, an observational documentary that chronicles the coming-of-age story of an underprivileged child growing up in the middle of an impoverished Anaheim neighborhood. Her documentary “Gardeners of the Forest” was a winner at the 2016 Emmys: College Television Awards and was nominated as a finalist for the 2016 Student Academy Awards.

Most recently, Ceylan has been assistant editing a documentary about the representation of the hillbilly stereotype in film and television and has been co producing and directing a documentary about a new discovery in space travel.

She’s very passionate about wildlife conservation and is inspired by stories that challenge the way we think and the system as we know it.
Nicole Jordan-Webber grew up in Sonoma County, California. Nicole has been making films since her freshman year of high school, where she later was asked to teach a filmmaking class during her senior year. Though both of her parents and many of her family members are active in the wine industry, Nicole was the outlier of the family because she knew filmmaking and storytelling was her one true passion. She graduated with a B.A. in Film Production at Chapman University. Nicole loves telling stories that help people laugh and she wants to continue making films that carry a sense of humor as well as honest, heartfelt content.

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