(2016) (United States)

Screening Block D, Fri 4/21 @ 8:30PM

In the midst of the She Shreds 2016 SXSW takeover, Fabi Reyna discusses why she started the magazine dedicated to women guitarists and bassists, and led a revolution for women’s representation in the music industry.


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Directed by Samantha Skinner & Kayla Galang, written by Samantha Skinner & Kayla Galang

Samantha is a filmmaker, audio engineer, musician, and feminist activist. Her personal experiences with sexism while working in the film and music industry since 2011 inspired her to embrace feminism and raise awareness about the political movement. She is very interested in how an individual’s social standing informs the perspective through which they see the world. She believes that sharing stories is the best way to learn from and understand each other. Through creating alternative media, Samantha aims to amplify women’s voices and spark thoughtful conversations.

Kayla is a filmmaker, photographer, and creative activist whose stories are rooted in nostalgia and personal experience. She got her start in Austin, Texas, where she learned her craft at the University of Texas and collaborated with other local filmmakers on various projects. Since 2010, she has written, directed, and edited a number of narrative and documentary projects, which have screened at South by Southwest, Austin Film Festival, Austin Asian American Film Festival, and other local exhibitions.

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