Ethnically Ambigious (Comedy)(2016) (United States)

Screening Block B, Thurs 4/20 @ 7PM

“What are you?” is often times more important than “WHO are you?” Checking a little box to identify your race has never been so complicated, especially for an up and coming/struggling actress who’s technically black (French, Native American, etc.) but looks like…. all of the above. Comically she tries to navigate her way through the entertainment industry, life and other people’s perceptions of her and who she “should” be when at the end of the day, one cannot be defined by a box.

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Directed by Todd Eric Valcourt , written by Tiffany Phillips and Todd Eric Valcourt

Todd has been acting in Theatre, Film and Television since he was 5. He has been seen on stage with Chicago’s Second City Company and Los Angeles’ Future Hasbeens. He’s appeared in several TV show and dozens of commercials including a recent role on Nickelodeon’s School Of Rock. In 2007 Todd and Morag MacPherson created the production company Double Take Entertainment Group. Their focus is to shoot original SAG signatory short films. Since their first film, “Man’s Best Friend”, Todd has directed and produced more than 15 short films and has won several awards.

He is also a skilled musician/composer playing over 15 instruments. He has released several cd’s including a children’s cd titled Lunchbox Heroes which is currently available on iTunes.




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