(2016) (Canada)

Screening Block D, Fri 4/21 @ 8:30PM

Carla, a seasoned wedding photographer, has just been dumped – right before she needs to shoot a wedding. Unable to hold back her feelings any more, she loses it in front of a happy bride and groom. She turns to her best friend, Kayla, who is about to go through the proceedings for a nasty, painful divorce and begs Kayla to let her shoot the impending un-coupling. Carla becomes obsessed with this new idea and word of the divorce photographer spreads like wildfire. It’s all about honesty: as long as Carla doesn’t have to be honest with herself. Divorce Photographer is a comedy that explores the flip side of marriage, the pressures exerted on people to be in a relationship, and the decision to find happiness in your own way.



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Directed and written by Christine Buijs

Christine is a filmmaker from Toronto, Ontario. As a child and teenager, she was passionately involved in theatre and playwriting and became enthralled with storytelling. She won her first playwriting competition through Tarragon Theatre while still in high school, and became a young Playwright-in-Residence at Tarragon. She went on to study photography at Sheridan College. Incorporating her love of writing, directing and photography, she turned to filmmaking.

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