Near the conflict-ridden border at midnight, two Israeli boys find themselves in a scuffle with a Palestinian boy on his shortcut home. The histories, divisions, and desperation of both families surface from the boys’ memories, and shape their discordant approaches to the sticky situation at hand.

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About the Director and Writer:

Betsy grew up in Silicon Valley, California, but also for a few years in Brussels, Belgium, thus carrying a desire to further develop her cultural awareness to her studies of filmmaking and international conflicts at UCLA.

Most influential in shaping her college education were her experiences traveling and studying in Israel and the West Bank. The direct experience strengthened her resolve to pursue art that aids divided societies and gives them more emotional accessibility than a newsreel could. Just as there is more to a story than its sound-bites, there is more to a person’s narrative than his/her political views.

Betsy is now developing a feature documentary, Integrated Memory, on narratives of conflict in post-Troubles Northern Ireland.

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