(2016) (Brazil)

Screening Block A Opening Night, Wed 4/19 @ 7PM

‘Black’ is a new vision of Peruvian poet Victoria Santa Cruz’s ‘Me Gritarion Negra!’ ‘Black’ that contemporizes the poem about a woman who is reminded of her memories of her first contacts with racism in her childhood.


Directed by Fred Belchior, written by Fred Belchior

Frederico Belchior Santana, also known as Fred Belchior, born in December 16 in 1982 and studied Social Communication with emphasis in Advertising in the city of Salvador, Bahia. At the end of the graduation, he started working as motion designer for the local companies, bringing experience to him along the years. In 2010 he changed to Angola to work in production and direction of advertising movies for the Angolan Government. In 2013 he worked with the first feature movie as co-director with joão Guera in the movie “Learn To Read To Teach Your Fellows”. In 2016 he decides do a independent movie called “BLACK”based in a poem of the peruvian poet Victoria Santa Cruz about the racism that her lived in your childhood.


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