(2016) (Canada)

Student Documentary (grad, Ryerson University)

Screening Block B Thurs 4/20 @ 7PM

This is a story about Anne, Michael, Jade and Becky who used to have the perfect traditional family – a successful marriage with a son and daughter – until one day their dream of having a nuclear family melted down. Anne came out as a Lesbian and got a divorce from Michael. Soon after, their son transitioned from male-to-female. The family was shaken by the overwhelming change as their values and bonds were being challenged. That was decades ago. Now, Anne is in a happy relationship with a woman and working as a minister at the United Church of Canada. Michael still works as a high-profile lawyer and is now remarried with Rena who has a son and a daughter from her previous marriage. Jade is now an empowered transwoman studying at Ryerson’s Arts and Contemporary Studies and pursuing her dream of becoming a narratologist. And lastly, Becky is studying to get her law degree, following her dad’s footstep. With all the changes that happened, they still remain strong as a family and keep close ties in each other’s lives. They have reconstructed what it means to be a family. They are the definition of a modern family.

Directed by Rama Luksiarto, Written by Rama Luksiarto, Vladlena Androsenko and Angie Tran

Rama Luksiarto is an art director and film-maker with a passion for telling stories about the LGBTQ and marginalized communities. He recently graduated from the Master of Arts in Media Production program at Ryerson University, Canada.

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