Proud of having a child, Julien promises  Sophie to take care of the Baby. Then begans for him a nightmarish night. The day after…

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Director: Guillaume Clicquot

Born in 1968 near Paris, Guillaume Clicquot studied theater and cinema at the University of Paris VIII. Quickly his professors told him to specialize in script writing. At the same time, Guillaume graduated in Management. He began his career as a simple runner on different movies before climbing the rungs of the ladder. After seven years he worked as a scouting-manager, continuing to write in his free time. For fifteen years, he collaborated with eighty-five different directors on one hundred and thirty-five movies and teleplays. In 2010, Guillaume Clicquot managed to sell his first script to Pathé, a comedy entitled “Dad or Mum? “ (Screening Feb 2015). He then stopped his job as a technician to dedicate himself to his passion, writing. After a novel, “Fallax“, and a play , “Retrait en liquide“, this first short is a new challenge for him to impose his personal humor.

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