When a young man realizes his lover does not want a monogamous relationship, he decides to involve his ex-girlfriend in order to find balance in the equation eventually realizing that in love, what you want is not always what you need.

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About the Director and Cinematographer:

Jon Riera is a Director/Cinematographer with several years of experience in film and television production in Canada. Mixed with passion for arts and culture, he devotes himself to a wide range of commercial projects that involve many aspects of entertainment media. Jon is experienced in the art of cinematography and direction in varied forms of production.

Over the past year and a half Jon has directed three short films and has done several media documentaries and music videos for several striving Canadian artists. He has worked with many prominent independent producers in Toronto. With all of his projects adding up, he started his own production company RIERA PRODUCTION HOUSE in 2010 (www.riera.ca).

Jon was recently invited to the Cannes Film Festival, with a local Toronto organization called, The Film Mark Access, to introduce him to the festival circuit and submerse him with the hit players in the industry. During his time in Cannes, he entered in a short film competition, where he and his team had to make a short film in 5 days. With Jon’s direction on the project and the great facilitation of his team, they walked away with best Cinematography and Best Film.

With a keen thirst for the ever-evolving media industry, Jon is constantly researching new funding streams to elevate productions to the next level while achieving visibility in the international film community among his peers.

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