Based on a true story, A SONG FOR MANZANAR is based on one chapter of a forthcoming novel written by author and educator Yosh Golden. It is set in 1945 Manzanar Japanese American Internment Camp and is about a young mother, Sachie, who is driven to instill hope in her playful son while try to communicate with her sister Hiroko who still lives in Hiroshima. Although not physically together, the sisters write letters to each other and through the Japanese childhood folk song, ‘The Crow’ they maintain hope that one they will be reunited. The film is by Yosh’s daughter Kazuko Golden and is about her mother Yosh who was born in Manzanar and her grandmother Sachie, the main protagonist in the film.

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About the Directors and Producers:

Kazuko Golden was born in Springfield, IL. For six years, Kazuko resided in San Francisco but she is currently a Creative Producer at Columbia College of Chicago. Next year she will be moving to Los Angeles, CA and continuing her work and aspirations. For four years previous to moving to San Francisco, she was an English as a Second Language teacher in Japan, and before and after travelled to abroad to various countries in search of harmony. Now she is producing films to reach a broader audience beyond the classroom and is interested in providing social and political commentary on sociological patterns and drama stories that strongly exemplify the journeys and mysterious adventures experienced every day. Using her undergraduate studies from Earlham College in Sociology/Anthropology, she previously worked for The President Jimmy Carter Center and Fair Trade USA to build healthy and sustainable futures for communities in nearly twenty developing nations worldwide. Now she is using the film medium to build dialogues and pass on powerful stories she picked up in her work. She employs social theory, examines the power of story, and aims for her work to provide entertainment and useful information for academics, critics, and audiences to use to explore and further our understanding of how to make the global continent a safer, healthier, and more conscious community for everyone to share.

Yosh Golden: Writer of Adapted Material, Executive Producer

Yosh Golden’s work on diverse subjects has sporadically appeared in the newsweekly Illinois Times. Over the years, Golden has been a Headstart teacher, lobbyist, bar manager, reporter (Chicago Daily Law Bulletin), university executive staff, public information officer, deputy director of business and finance, and data manager for an IT company. She recently retired from owning a Springfield flower shop. Most of her writing done very late at night when daily work demands disappear – has focused on family, which includes remarkable parents, ten siblings, three daughters, two grandchildren, a devoted spouse, and remembered ancestors. Several unpublished manuscripts, plus the sections that appear in this issue ofTriQuarterly Online, are being compiled for a book-length publication.

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