A Little Love Goes A Long Clay (Animation)

(2016) (US)- Student Animation (Ridgeland High School)
Screening Block F, All Ages Sat 4/22 @ 1PM

This video was made as a school project about stopping social media bullying. The video uses Claymation to tell the story of a teen who had a bad experience with cyber bullying and encourage the viewer to use social media for love rather than hate. The main character is left nameless and gender-neutral for two reasons – to make the character relatable and to use the character as a symbol of the way cyber bullying can happen to anyone and isn’t partial to a certain kind of person.

Writer and Director, Juliet Buckholdt

For more information about the film: https://filmfreeway.com/project/476887

Juliet is a 14-year-old high school student. She got started in film by acting and in recent years has gotten more involved In working behind the camera.

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