WAMMFest (Women And Minorities in Media Festival) was founded within the Electronic Media and Film Department at Towson University in 2008.

WAMMFest is an eclectic mix of the best  of our international call for short works.  WAMM Kitchen Sisters You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn, and then you’ll laugh so much that you’re crying all while experiencing stories told by the voice of the empowered.  Every short work is by or of interest to women and/or minorities, but is for everyone.

Film and media makers from our selected films are encouraged to attend the festival.  Having the filmmakers at the festival is so important to us, and critical to the experience of the festival, that we provide a limited number of  domestic travel reimbursement and honorariums for filmmakers to attend WAMM.  This allows for film discussion, interaction, and networking.

Additionally, in some years we have visiting guest artists who run the gamut from their first big break in the industry to established award-winning artists in the prime of their career.  They are here as mentor, inspiration, and to celebrate and encourage diversity in media production.

And that takes us to our main goal, the reason that WAMM exists.  We want to create more success stories and make a more diverse media industry. We hope that you will help us support WAMMFest by attending the festival, submitting a film or media work, volunteer, or become a sponsor of the event.


Elsa Lankford
Festival Director, WAMMFest